Basic Rules For Craps Game

Basic Rules For Craps Game

Craps is one of the most often played dice games where all bets are placed against the house. You should place wagers with either chips or cash to play the game. You must roll the dice against the wall to achieve the appropriate numbers.

  • In this game, there are two key players.
  • Shooter who rolls the dice.
  • Stickman who calls out the numbers and hand over the dice to the shooter.

Craps Game

General Rules for playing Craps

Listed below are some general rules playing the game of Craps.

Come Bets

Come bets are the bets that you can make anytime during the game. The bet is usually made after the first roll when a shooter has to make a point. You will win if you get a 7 or 11 on the dice. However, you will lose if you get 2,3 or 12. Any other numbers gained in addition to those mentioned will become your “come point,” which must be repeated before the seventh roll for you to win.

Don’t Come Bets

Don’t come bets are contrary, yet similar to come bets. You can place a bet at any moment after the first roll. However, if you roll 7 or 11, you will lose. You will win if you roll 2 or 3; although, getting 12 will be a tie. Numbers except those mentioned will become your “come point.” However, if you repeat the numbers, you will lose but win if seven rolls.

 Place Bets

You can now bet on specific numbers like 4,5,6,8,9 and 10 after a shooter makes a point. If the shooter successfully rolls the specified numbers, they may be rewarded based on the results.

Field Bets

Field Bets is a single-roll bet in which you can win cash if you get the numbers 3,4,9,10,11. However, if you receive the numbers 5, 6, 7, or 8, you will lose.

Proposition Bets

Proposition bets are one-roll bets that you usually place in the middle of the table. You will place bets on the following rolls on numbers like 2,3,7,11,12.

Hop Bets

A different one-roll bet is Hop bet. The only difference that hop bets have is that you must place a wager on a combination of dice. You’ll have to gamble on your luck by selecting a number combination that you believe will appear. If you want to place a hop bet, you must tell the dealer before time.

Pass Line

Coming to an even-money bet is Pass Line in which can make on the first roll of the dice. It is also known as “come out roll.” Rolling a 7 or 11, will make you a winner, but you will lose if you roll a 2,3,12. 2,3,12 numbers are known as craps. Other numbers apart from the mentioned numbers become the” point,” which must be rolled again before a 7 to win.

Don’t Pass Line

Don’t Pass Line is an even-money bet opposite to the pass line. In this bet, there is a chance that you might lose on the “come out” roll or if you roll a 7 or 11. However, you will win if you roll a 2 or 3 and 12 for a tie. You may lose if you roll a point, but rolling a seven will make you a winner.


If you score a point on the first roll or score a come point on the next roll. You can only win if you score a point or come points before rolling a 7. In a “don’t pass” or “don’t come” bet, you must lay the odds to win.


In a Hardway bet, you’ll bet on the shooter rolling a pair. Only if the dice roll in a pair will you win. You will lose if you obtain a seven or a number thrown “the easy way.”


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